Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BookCrossing @1Utama

This is the book that I grabbed for free from the official BookCrossing zone at 1 Utama. Seems like MPH would release 50 books to this place every month there.

People can write reviews and notes about the book by using the Book ID written on the BookCrossing sticker. If you decide to "release" a book to the wild, you would be able to track the book as it travelled and read what others say about it. I wonder how this would play out in Malaysia. Haha...

It's located at ground floor of HighStreet. Even the guide that dressed up like a security guard failed to show me the direction. "I have never heard about this. Books? MPH?" They need to create more awareness.

From what I have observed, people who sit around the area are not reading! And I am being stared upon when I open the book shelve and fiddling around the scarce and worn-out books inside.

More information:

IBM Websphere Application Server 7 Training

Get to attend IBM training again these few days. It's always nice to break out of usual work routine.

Technical stuff:
Java EE is very complicated. EJB3, JPA, SOA, ESB, BPEL... Yea, they are "open standards" backed up by Sun and IBM. But there are open source libraries tools that try to scratch the same itch too. Personally, I would use whatever that works and cost me less time to learn and setup.

Being too high level and abstract means it would be a nightmare to troubleshoot when errors occurred. It's definitely nice to generate entity POJO and input forms in JSF with a few clicks though.

Setup clustering is as easy as typing a few commands. That's the difference between a free and paid solution I guess.