Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator salvation

So-so movie.
Need a lot of background knowledge about the terminator world to enjoy it.
The cyborg is interesting idea. Imagine looking down at your chest wide open and see metals. Urgh~

Main point of the story is, humanity cannot be programmed. Human is still superior than robots. =.=

Some flaws here and there. Who the heck would program the war machines to be turned off by radio wave signal? lolz. But the idea of intercept and manipulate the communication channel between the robot is interesting. If they don't use secure encryption and authentication then it might works. Haha..

Makes me wonder the meaning of life.. hmm..

Side story

I watched with my cousins. They were whispering about the john connor's dad. And one pony tail guy in front of our row say, "可以安静一点吗?" WTF? Chinese people also lansi like that. isk..

Want quiet go home watch DVD la... =.=

Where I learnt to curi take other ppl pic

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yet another camp.
Yet another pre-camp syndrome. 营前忧郁症.
Feel lazy to go so far and so long (1 week).
Well, hope it would be fun and able to learn something.

Anything can email or SMS me for those who know me. Will get back to you after 1 week.
Wish everyone have a nice week as well.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet another interview

Yea, this is the place.

Overheard the conversation between receptionist and a middle age man.
"Where is Job Malaysia?"
"There's only jobsdb jobstreet. no job malaysia."
"How to apply for job? I don't have computer."
"This is a web base company. Everything is done online."
"I don't know how to fill in. How to apply for work?"
"Here's the form. Fill it in and I will help you find matching jobs."
"Thank you very much. How much does it cost?"
"It's free."

The pictures with all races hugging together. I wonder why the blonde hair guy get to stand in the middle? Or should I say "welcome to the reality" which Son Goku is a blonde guy without tail that can transform into king kong.

Walk back to monorail station.

Sign board at LRT station. =.=""

Look familiar?

Small lamb sighted.

I hope they look left and right when crossing the road.


Print resume

Go and print out resume at the shop nearby my home.
Black and white(B&W) - RM0.60
Colour - RM1.20

Yeah, expensive, but the time and petrol to travel to a cheaper shop make me willing to spend it.

Converted my docx into B&W pdf format and ask her to print it out.

Tadaa... it seems that pdf somehow still retain the colour data or the printer screw up. Anyway, they end up in colours. Uh huh..

I ask her, "So?"
She hesitates, "I charge you as B&W price, 3 pages for RM1.80. Don't tell other people"
And she kind of cover the papers and hand it to me.
Face benefit?

Monday, May 11, 2009

SMS Jinx

When you were waiting for bus, commuting in the LRT, snorkeling at Redang island(=.=), do you have the urge to share the joy/funny/sad/grief/pain moment with your friends on the spot?

That's why I try to write this application. Reuse some codes from my final year project, polish up my rusty python skill, playing with facebook API, experimenting with Google App Engine.. That's kind of conclude what I have been doing these days.

Go to SMS Jinx and try it out. And remember to give me comment/suggestion/problems etc. =)

SMS is the most basic communication method in GSM 2.0. All of the current mobile phones support SMS. And it is cheap. Problem? Most of the foreign website such as blogger, facebook and twitter do not provide SMS service to Malaysia users. Well, even if it is provided, I wouldn't want to spend 25sen to send an international SMS to update my twitter status...

Programming is fun, when I am trying to solve my own problems. Webpage designing still sucks to the max though. I doubt that I will be a good webpage designer, ever. Anyhow, I come up with a Step 1 -> Step 3 approach. Should be simple enough to follow. Idea came from Blogger welcome page.

Users management is a troublesome issue. I try to avoid having users to register before they can use the system. Anyway, it is not possible. I need to have a userid to store the phone number and other account information. Thanks to Google SDK, it's easy to outsource the user login system. I only have to get and store the userid and Google would manage the password, cookie and authentication for me. Great. I wonder whether people would hesitate to the Google account login prompt though. It's 100% safe, HTTPS and check the verified certificate if you know what you are doing.

I realize there are a lot of API(s) made available to developers. And there are countless things you can do from generate a random friend to post facebook status message as the user credential.

Another interesting problem come when I have to find a way to make sure the messages are coming from valid user instead of attacker. Researched for 1-2 days about this. What complicates the matter is that my system consists of Java client and Python server. Great! It's difficult to find a secure implementation of encryption or hashing algorithm on both platform. In the end I settled with HMAC hashing algorithm and both the server and client understand that.

I realize that facebook uses MD5 for authentication. Duh.. Then my application would be safer than facebook theoretically. I'm using SHA256 with HMAC algorithm to makes the secret key harder to be determined. Not to forget those nonce and random numbers. Uh huh..

I'm starting to see the beauty of python.
Case insensitive? abc.lower(). done!
Substring? cde(3:)

Never miss the brackets and messy complicated declarations in java and other languages.

Similar services at Malaysia (I've never try them):
Pacmee (look expensive.)
Twitter Malaysia gateway (018 though)



某人网上昵称为A Chan






Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Should have do the hard cover binding at Sri Serdang shop as recommended by friend.
I do it instead at a shop nearby my house.

For a moment I am calculating the best move.
IF Ask the shop go to hell:
Print again: 110 pages x 10 cents = RM 11
Hard cover binding at cheaper shop: RM 28(?)
Petrol to travel back and forth: RM 12
Total cost: RM 51

Sigh... And the time and efforts are priceless.
Alright, you win. My RM50 fly away~

My thesis. My baby.

Walking to the college to submit the thesis.

Artistic shadow shot

Facebook application

What I've been doing lately?
My rusty python skill enables me to create a Facebook application using the Facebook API. Why Python? So that Google can host it for free. Hahaha..

It's called "Random Friend". Simple application that shows you one random friend and remind you to keep in touch with him/her. Try it out!

Next goal? Keep it as secret at the moment. ^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hotlink Youth Club

No more on campus/off campus.
No more university/college restrictions.

All you ave to do is present your student ID and IC photocopy to the authorized dealer and after one week you got it. The cheapest rate among the student plan. Top up RM10 and get validity period of 1 year. Woohoo~

12 sen/minute 1 sen/SMS to Maxis operator (Friends and Family rate to all)
15 sen/minute 5 sen/SMS to other operator

For UNITEN/UPM students, you can register at Sri Serdang shop. Somewhere near the shop where they do thesis binding. ;)

More information from Hotlink site.