Monday, September 29, 2008


Final Year Project动了0次

把写Blog的10%动力用来写报告就写完了? *囧*

Sunday, September 28, 2008


粤语版 =。=


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Impressive street view of Japan

It is like a free tour around the world. Thanks to Google Maps street view. Yeah I know this is not new. But I never really play with it until just now. So real. And you can drag and turn around like a virtual tour. Nice!

Yokohama Landmark Tower
- the tallest building in Japan
Tokyo Tower - the world's highest self-supporting steel tower
Tsūtenkaku - a well known landmark in Osaka
Kobe Port Tower - a hyperboloid structure in Kobe



Is it a working relationship when one start to cheat even before they get official legal bonding? Or relationships are built on white lies? Like Dr House said, "Everyone lies." lolz?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr House II

I'm addicted!! Argghh.. sunk into the series and urging for more. Allocate more and more time for watching. Everything else does not matter anymore. xD

Dive into the series since the s4 last two episodes and s5 first episode. Subtitle really needed though. Close my visual sensors(eyes) and focus on listening. But still, can't catch some phrase or metaphor they used. Side effect of too many subbed drama and anime huh..

Jennifer Morrison(Cameron) is pretty.

Dr House

Farewell HK

Yesterday afternoon, scroll through my phonebook and somehow I called HK. And he was busy with his VISA and preparation for going overseas. I think is UK. And the flight is on tomorrow then(today now).

Wow.. if I called him one day later he would not be reachable anymore. Interesting. All the best in your study there. which I always dream for. which I can't. which I hope you do it for me. which I envy. which I ... ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mister Mosquito

An old PS2 game. 2002.
Been searching for this game since I bought PS2.
Finally saw it when flipping through the game catalog last night.

Nice game. RM 5.
A bit costly but worth the joy.
Being a mosquito fly around and suck blood from the Japanese family member. And the most hilarious part was the father wearing mosquito repellent(smoky type) on his head and attack me with 龟波气功. LOL!!

A little itchy and ecchi game. Both the daughter and mother like to spin around and spray you with the toxic gas.

My end game report card

Friday, September 19, 2008

House M.D.

Yet another medical drama. I LOVE his sarcasm!! LOL. The dialogue in the series is superb. Imagine one can watch and laugh by himself. =.=

Someone recommended this to me long long time ago. Now I know I like it very much. >"<
Subtitle is needed to get their humour sometime though.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


First time overslept.
Late for nearly 20 minutes to the lab.
Whole class waiting.

And sorry for not being prepared.
Really sorry.
Planned to wake up and refresh my mind on Tree structure but in the end fall asleep before I set the alarm...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Student Representative Counsel (SRC)

Malaysian busy with politics. (916 变天)

Our university also come out with the voting for the new exco of the SRC. Banners everywhere. Small A4 size posters also hanging everywhere. What piss me off is when people put it on my car front mirror. WTF? Need to waste my time take it off. And imagine what a mess if there is rain and I accidentally turn on the wiper. Sure no vote for him/her.

And suddenly people become very friendly and approach you and ask you to vote for him/her. Zzz.. Feel like politician. Where is the 大选糖果? But I honestly respect those people if they are the one behind the 24 hours internet access at student apartment since few months ago.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whack in the box

There's a web hacking competition this afternoon.
OMG.. so so so difficult... Argghhhh.. Feel insulted.. lolz

I tried to refresh my mind on the SQL injection and similar thingy this weekend. But they are useless. All I get is "wrong username". =.="

For the 20 minutes I tried all the combination that I know. But none works...
PAM system...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Old hong kong comedy film. Showing on 8TV last night. Catch a glimpse. Still so hilarious. 苏东坡在戏里唱了这句诗。


Saturday, September 13, 2008

L The Last 23 days

Old Japanese film. Based on the Death Note series. And featuring the born of Near. Though not really fit to the original timeline(does it?).

By the way, as usual, typical villain. Destroy human to clean the earth(=.=). In the end can't find or create the cure then killing themselves as well. Doink.

Main message of the story is, "You cannot do justice on other people. Must give him/her a chance to change." "One cannot change the world no matter how genius you are"

Well, kind of moral lesson for those who believe in Kira. Bah~

Einstein did change the world. Maybe that is not all his effort and someone else might come out with the same theory sooner or later huh.? Whatsoever..

p/s on second thought, the little girl might be the M. N's partner in the future.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


为你做不可能的事 [1]

1.形容姿态曼妙优雅。唐˙孟郊˙婵娟篇: 花婵娟,泛春泉;竹婵娟,笼晓烟。 元˙沉禧˙一枝花˙天生瑚琏套˙梁州曲: 腰肢袅娜,体态婵娟。 亦作 婵媛 。
2.美女、美人。唐˙方干˙赠赵崇侍御诗: 却教鹦鹉呼桃叶,便遣婵娟唱竹枝。 清˙孔尚任˙桃花扇˙第二出: 一带妆楼临水盖,家家分影照婵娟。 或称为 婢娟 。
3.形容月色明媚或指明月。唐˙刘长卿˙湘妃诗: 婵娟湘江月,千载空蛾眉。 宋˙苏轼˙水调歌头˙明月几时有词: 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟 。


[1] 为你写诗歌词
[2] 百度百科

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

Today is the day they switched on the Large Hadron Collider. Let's see whether this would be the last post. Micro black holes consume everything? lolz.

Yea, thousands of physicists and billions of dollars spent on that. But who knows? Who would have thought bulky metals stick together can fly?

Google front page logo. Brings me to read all about those physics theories. Interesting. Stop my studies and use my whole life for this? I wish. =)

wikipedia entry

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evaluation form

Someone told me that even student lab instructor would get evaluated by the students. That is why they are all present for the lab today huh? Swt... Coincidentally I'm late for the lab. Not enough copy for the assignment paper. Argh.. Toink.

Don't feel like drinking water in front of all the students(Muslim fasting period). Have to shout with dry throat. And talking something so complicated that people tend to doze off or lost interest. Well, at least there are a few who knows what they are doing..

Teaching is not an easy job. Can I evaluate them? =.=

Hack in the box

A word that I have been exposed to during the internship. Been study about it since then. And kind of forget about it due to the expensive entrance fee. Now it has come back to haunt me~

Next Tuesday there would be a smaller scale of such security conference in my university. Wow. Given 20 minutes to finish the task and then you get the free ticket to the *real* HITB conference. Hmm..

Have a second look at the site. Which has the early bird offer closed down since last time I went there. Oh, the training which cost 3k+ is still not free. lol. Just the conference.
Probably one of the most interesting topics will be introduced by Kris Kaspersky, he will talk about the Intel CPU bugs that lead to remote code execution regardless to the operating system used and show attacks based on JavaScript or just TCP/IP packets against Intel based machine. -Zone-H
I wonder whether he has any relation with the Kaspersky antivirus..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

这里 记载我活着的证据

no mood to do anything.
wasted three days. fri sat sunday (as usual) = =

....... Why can't we live as we like. Throw away the $$$ and resources fight. Sounds a lot like communist huh? Then why don't you against about tax-funded police and firemen? Medical facilities of Canada is free and even can claim for travel expenses from the counter[1]. ~.~

Sometime wish to be 废人,无忧无虑. PS3, Spore, Wii, Myth TV, Home Automation, etc.

Sometime don't want to 让人生留白.. 创业?1 Million Dollar homepage.. Get a house with paper clip. Casino? movie 21? Bah.

Sometime download a lot of movies/series/tv shows.
Sometime delete them before I lost my sanity. 觉得看了会浪费时间...不看又不想做正事...

[1] Sicko movie

Worst nightmare

I had the worst nightmare this early morning. Family crisis. People crying. Helplessness. Controversy. Hunted by people. Argh!!

I thought it was real when dreaming(废话). Then somehow I move my neck and open eyes. I'm still lying on the comfortable bed with brother sleeping not far away. Phew. Just a dream. Great!

Jung znggref zbfg vf abg gur zbafgref be tubfg. Vg vf gur crbcyr nebhaq zr.

p/s: Turn on handphone and TTP SMS that he is leaving at 7am. One road follow wind!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sis watching 我在政府部门的日子 Just Follow Law last night. There's a joke scene when the granny claimed that she blog and use online banking. "Lao zha bo" ROTFLMAO..

Somehow I'm bored and try with that URL. OMG... it exists !! and seems to be true. With youtube video and visitor counter. 佩服佩服!!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kung fu panda

Only manage to watch half of the movie. Wow! Deep. More hidden meaning than Wall-e. So many Chinese culture and spirit is embedded inside the movie..

Yea. An old movie. Movie sharing session of UBF club. Can't go there on time due to the advance database lab.

Usually after movie we would feel want to talk about it. And maybe start a new blog post and bullshit inside. So not bad to attend such session and have a chance to 发表伟论 after that.

Dragon scroll. A mirror. Look back at yourself. Believe. There is no accident. There is no good or bad news. Look at yourself. Like panda, he is fat and like to eat. Fine, use food to unleash his potential. And be yourself and thy shall be the strongest. No secret recipe to success. Today is a gift. That's why it is called present. =)

What makes the white leoperd a bad guy and panda a good guy while both of them are also chasing their own dream. To be a kung fu master. Hmm..


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


All of these are just my imagination and have nothing to do with real life. =)
Let me talk about some of the lecturers in my university..

One ask me to mark all of his students' mid term papers. Follow his schema. WTF? Free labor? Being a lab instructor does not mean I am here to be utilized like your secretary or assistant or whatever you call it...

Decided to confront him about this matter. And he claimed that this is part of my job. .|.

1 paper takes me 10 minutes and it would take approx. 6 hours in my case. I get paid per hour. Pay me and I would consider.. Well, lim pek busy watch anime and tv series while writing final year report occasionally when the mood come. No time help you mark your paper.

Anyhow, the work reduced after the confrontation. Only some simple questions need to be marked and the rest he would do it. Lazy bump. Fasting no need to mark paper? =.=

Let's see.. mark the paper during the lab? Or distribute it and ask students to mark them..

I'm not a person to be exploited. Emailed head of department (HoD) and waiting for reply about this issue. Good luck! Well, HoD pushed it back to the lecturer.

Another lecturer is kind of experienced and know what he is doing. Insist that there should be no user requirement on certain system development project. But basic requirement as a software engineering(my major) project is to have Software Requirement Specification(SRS). Duh.

He said that I should have taken System and Networking as my major for being good at programming and interested in networking. Hmm.. yea I like wireless networking specifically Wifi which is vulnerable to attackers. LOL.

My opinion is that what we learn or major in would not limit what we strive to be in the future. ^^

Another nice lecturer is kind of talkative. Helpful and try to answer whatever questions that I have. And even outside of the scope or topic of the class. One of the few nice lecturers which I would like to examine my final year project. Too bad that the place has been taken. Hope for the best then.

Monday, September 1, 2008


So damn fast September already..
Final year project deadline coming nearer and nearer. =.=